Have you ever wondered how long the Sun has been giving us unfailing energy including light and heat? Well, it has been an energy soured for about five billion years and driving the weather system of the earth.Could the Sun be the cause of Global Warming? So the scientists have thought whether the Sun has an impact on these climatic changes and the results were that the Sun has been stable since the human evolution. However, increased emissions of Carbon Dioxide lead the Sun to have a powerful impact on climate change. Further, the radiation of ultraviolet affects the ozone layer. Ozone layer is the most important part in the atmosphere which works as a cover to our planet and Ozone layer is the place where numerous chemical reactions happen. Moreover, we all know that the functions of earth are controlled by the magnetic field of the Sun. Thus, protons and electron comes towards the earth through solar wind, which protect the whole solar system by standing like a protection from cosmic rays, the most energetic rays in the universe. In addition, the cosmic rays have an important part in cloudy atmosphere. Cosmic RaysDue to the arrival of cosmic rays in different amounts, the overall cloudiness of the earth differs. Consequently, the total radiation from the Sun to the surface of the earth is affected which causes global warming. Though these factors are long term alterations and are omitted from scientists’ consideration they have important influences in climate changes. Compared with green house gases, the Sun is more responsible for global warming which is more than 50%.


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Oh! It’s so hot!!!

“Oh! It’s so hot”, I could say this is one of my roommates favorite sentence. It has attached in her mind and even while she’s sleeping she will tell this. Yes. Not only my roommate, but also my classmates always need either Air Conditioner (AC) or fan. Though we keep the fan or AC on our body sweat a lot. Think about the ancient time once. Before these inventions, how could they live? Rising temperature and the sequences of it are the main reason for all these troubles. We, human, can at least express how we are affected due to these climate changes. How do the animals and other wonderful creatures of the earth show that they are being affected too? There are some ways that they, especially birds, articulate their feeling about this issue. A flock of pelicans rests at Kandalama Lake in Dambulla.When the winter season comes they go to many other countries for their reproduction. I studied in grade 9 Social studies that there are thousands and thousands of Siberia and Western Europe birds come to Sri Lanka as it is “The Birds’ Paradise” with 435 resident species. Moreover, it has many sanctuaries such as Kumana, Bundala, Kalamatiya, Sinharaja Rain Forest, Udawatta Kala, Bellen willa, Muthurajawalla, Minneria, Minepe and Kitugal especially for birds. Further, the climate condition suits those birds, so that they spend their whole summer season in Sri Lanka. Migratory Birds fly over the lagoonSince my childhood, I have observed varieties of water birds come to “Vallai” Lagoon, Jaffna which has been a fascinating scene ever. However, last few years I could observe the difference that there have been only a few species visited. I could say the reason is only the climatic changes. Consequently, the birds cannot predict the season changes in Sri Lanka. Due to this, their arrivals have decreased. It is possible that in the future, these birds will be in the list of endangered species.

Presently, the phenomenon due climate alterations has become dramatically incredible. The effects of the phenomenon are unpredictable as well as inevitable. In this planet, almost all the creatures are affected by global warming and no one can refute this, in my perception. While thinking about this, one of my friends came to online and we had a chat. New Orleans-KatrinaGradually,our talks turned about climate changes and he told me his experience that he was utterly affected by Katrina storm when he visited as a tourist to New Orleans in Louisiana, USA in 2005. It is a low land and one of the most beautiful islands frequently affected by floods, so it is considered one of the vanishing places and the scientists have anticipated that the future generation will not get to see the place.
Though he has already known that New Orleans is one of the vulnerable islands, the experiences he got there regarding the Katrina storm which was extremely terrible. The day bloomed like a doom day and he could feel the differences, but could not predict or even guess what it was. Around 10 am, the storms got overwhelming speed and all roofs were taken off in that place. Humongous trees fell down across the streets and there was power cut, especially some wires were broken and sparkling in the ground.
He had a hard time to get out from my home and pass the street, but he could hear the sirens of vehicles which were taking the injured people to hospitals. So, he could have a lift in the vehicle and pass the place.
As he felt the Katrina first there, he could realize the harassment of it and now he think that the earth should be unconfined from this kind of hazardousness. To make it real and have a better place, we all should hold our hands together and act to at least alleviate it.

Doom Day 2012 Part 3

Arithmeticians have computed that there will be a huge devastation in 2012 and deaths will be inevitable.



We all know that the earth is engulfed by magnetic fields which are always towards the South from the North. Scientists state that the poles of the field will change every 750000 years. However, the last 750000 passed before 30000 years and there was nothing happened like this, but these poles move by 20 to 30 kilometers every year. Moreover the moving velocity has been increasing. As this movement continues, it will totally disappear in one moment and it will take 100 years to reform itself. If it happens, the Ultra Violets can easily transparent into the earth, which will cause skin cancer. No one can survive in the high temperature.  Moreover, radio communication will be disconnected if there are no magnetic fields.

Black hole, The Sun and the earth in one line

What is the opinion of the NASA scientists in this issue? In 2012, the Sun, the earth and black hole, the center of the Milky Way, are coming in linear order. As a result, there will be unbelievable changes in climate which cannot be explained as it will be that much severe. It can change the physical structure of the earth.

2012 is not very far for us and we are the generation who are going to see the extinction.

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Doom Day 2012- Part 2

Doom Day 2012These are the other enumerations which have been proving points about the doom day.
As we all know that all the planets, including the earth, of the Sun’s galaxy depend on its energy for motion. Further, the movements and the energy emissions of the Sun are occurring in a circle path. In this case, space scientists have found out that in 2012 the Sun is going to emit energy and heat waves towards to the earth. In addition, the energy is so powerful that can deactivate the satellites of the earth.

Incredible changes in the Universe on the Doom Day

More than this, the European scientists have been researching to find how the world formed itself. To do that, they are going to make cannels under until the central part of the earth and there will be collisions of nuclear elements such as Uranium and Plutonium which can devastate the whole structure of the earth by emitting a humongous amount of energy. So, you may think that how it is connected with Doom Day. Unfortunately, the testing is planned to be occurred in 2012.
Among the list of incidents which have been waiting to take place in 2012, the Mauna lua, the biggest volcan0 in the world which is located in the Yellow Stone national park, the United States, is going to erupt in 2012. This volcano blows up once every 65 000 years, so the next burst out will be in 2012 and it has already started to smoke ash itself.

To be continued…..

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Doom Day 2012- Part 1

The millennium New Year, 01 Jan 2 000, was expected to be the last day of the earth and after that the earth wouldn’t be exist in the space. As I was a small girl during that time, I truly believed that would happen and until that day came in real, my sister, little cousins and I had been irritating our parents and uncles to go all over the world and visit the places before this planet extinct. Interestingly, my cousin got up at midnight on the New Year day of millennium and woke everyone up to see the extinction of the earth. The whole day until the morning no one were allowed to sleep since we, four, trusted it that much. Mayan CalendarLikewise, I read a post in a Tamil blog recently, about “Doom Day 2012”,and I became so nostalgic that I remembered the things we did on that day to prove the world was in the brink of extinction. Moreover, I want to share this information here and it is up to you to believe it or not.

In that blog, numerous reasons, explanations and facts were mentioned to give an idea about the “Doom Day”. One of the ancient calendars, “Mayan’s calendar”, was created in 3113 A.C, contains the scientific incidents which have been happening in the Earth as well in the Space. The significant facts are that 94% of the events match with the current occurrences which are incredibly true. Moreover, the time difference between the “Mayan Calendar and the present calendar is only 30 seconds. Unfortunately, the calendar ends up on 21 December 2012 with the extinction of the world…

To be continued..

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 http://www.survive2012.com/,                                http://www.greatdreams.com/end-world.htmwww.youtube.com/watch?v=4psUkHvcFO8

This is the continuation of the part 1, so you have two options to see these places that you can sit in your home and go through over the web sites, which will reduces the emissions of gas through flights, or you may also visit the spot and enjoy it.

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Rocky Mountain National Park is located in Colorado, famous for 

Rocky Mountainsnowshoeing, hiking trails and skiing. In that Park there are loads of pine trees which give a natural beauty and a pleasant feeling to tourists. Unfortunately, the environment balance of this surrounding has been disrupted for these few decades due to the warming of the planet. In the documentary, Al Gore clearly explained that pine beetle s eat the pine trees in during the summer season and when winter season comes they die as they cannot survive in the lower temperature up to minus 30 degrees Celsius, but currently winter is warming, so they do not die themselves and eating more pine trees, so the increasing population of beetles cause problem all over the mountainous west America, especially in the Patterson Park which is located in northwest America, Denver. Though most parts are affected and the natural color of the pine trees has gone, you can still get to see the beautiful place with the courteous shape.

Alpine Glaciers is the another fascinating place which is situated in the-pasterze-glacier-is-curreowSwitzerland. It is a continuous Rocky mountains with full of snow which annually amazes tourists from all over the world. Due to the global warming the snow has been melting and the Glaciers have been losing their beauty gradually. A climate expert in Austria recently told National Geographic that the snow will finish melting between 2030 and 2050. However, a report of 2006 said reported that the melting will last until the end of this century. To see the real beauty of this Glaciers and the melting blue water, looking them from a little far is great and you will be stunned.

In the documentary, Al Gore gave an important part to the Amazon forest, Amazon forestthe largest rain forest in the world, of Brazil, because the foremost environmental issue, deforestation. Many farmlands are created and valuable trees have been chopped down for local industries, which make the rich forest to shrink. Climate change exacerbates it. Down to this issue, the forest gets warmer and drier and many species were extinct forever. For visiting this forest, boat is the best idea, because the ecosystem will be conserved without any destruction. However, it is not easy to get boat, because it causes heat pollution, so that it is isolated from tourists, but the researchers are still allowed entering into the forest.

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