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We, 3 young women, who have the passion to make the world a better planet, eagerly want the votes from you to get the proposal successfully passed on. So, join us in making the earth a better planet.
Thanks for your great support!

Instructions for voting:
1. Go to this link.
2. After registering successfully, go to the email you entered.
3. Go to the link http://www.dellsocialinnovationcompetition.com/ and login by using user name and password you have already received in email.
4. Click on this link,
This will lead you on the idea “Arsenic Removal in Noakhali: Using Pteris vittata as an Eco-Friendly Implement”
Click on vote.
Thank you very much for taking your valuable time in voting!

Dell Social Innovation Competition | Arsenic Removal in Noakhali: Using Pteris vittata as an Eco-Fri
Welcome to the 2011 Dell Social Innovation Competition! Do you have what it takes? It starts with an idea to make the world a better place. Get started today — begin the process by registering now


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