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When we say tourism what do you really expect? Well, you probably need to Sun Rise in Sri Lankan Seahave pleasant weather, marvelous sunrise and sunset in the horizontal line of the sea coastal lines and coral reefs in that place where you are planning to visit and luxurious hotels with swimming pools. There had been such places where you could get all these together. But now? Could you imagine a place with all stupendous facilities? All are under threat due to climate change.

Sri-lanka-beachWhile expecting all these, does anyone think of  how everything has gone under threat and the causes for these at risk? Tourism is one of the big causes for climate change. Thus, “we have to talk about tourism and Climate change” says Stefanos Fotiou of the United Nations Environment Program (Unep). Without concentrating about climate change we cannot have a sustainable tourism. According to the UNWTO, 46 world slightest developed countries out of 50 benefits from tourism as it is their main source for foreign income.

Among them, Sri Lanka is one of the most important nations, which is Hotelintro Swimming Palaceleading the system of tourism. As the dwelling of 3000 Asian elephants and contains 30% rain forest itself, it is called “an Earth Lung”, because it is a ruler of carbon clean place. It is a hot spot of Bio Diversity. As it has a huge range of indigenous flora and fauna, the eco system has become vulnerable to the alterations of climate. Moreover, tourists from all over the world prefer to stay in multifaceted hotels with air- conditions, where perfect destructive chemicals are used to keep swimming pools. To have a pleasant travel, tourism ministries and tourists should keep their eyes on conserving the nature and not contributing to climate changes


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