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 together_green_The simplest activities you follow in your every day life can make a big difference in and help the environment to be Utopia. To be friendly with the planet, follow these instructions and take dealings for our living planet.

  •  Turn off televisions, fans, and stereos when no one is using them. The little stand by light in your electronic equipments means the power is being supplied to the system, which means you are contributing to global warming.
  •  Dispose your dangerous domestic wastages and used batteries such as motor bike or other vehicle batteries and try if your local government has a plan or a specific area to do that. Moreover, Use rechargeable batteries.
  •  Recycle the products such as plastics, glass and papers as much you can, especially reconsider when you print something for your reference, print in both side to save the paper as well as help the environment.
  •  Most people do the mistake that keeping the taps on even brushing teeth, so turn off the tap when you are not using water and for cooking, collect the water in a bucket to wash vegetables and water it to your garden plants.
  • Send e- greeting cards instead of wasting your money and time for buying cards in shops. Other than this, you can use colorful calendars to make cards.
  •  Avoid using rubbish things which you throw away after using once, such as paper plates, plastic, forks, spoons, cups and knives. Help the world to rectify the disposals.

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