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Carbon Dioxide Hunters                     As global warming is an inevitable issue at the present, scientists and thinkers have been researching to alleviate the severe of the issue. In this case, the World watch Institute has suggested that if Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is absorbed more than it is emitted to the atmosphere, by the 2050 the global warming problem will not be an enormous problem as it is now. To achieve that, NASA has been working so hard that it has set to launch many “CO2 Hunters”, “Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO),” which can move to the places where the CO2 is being emitted and absorbed. NASA also has CO2 detection instrument in its Aqua satellite system. However, it is not an effective as the “CO2 Hunters”, because the CO2 detection instrument does not move towards to Carbon Dioxide where as the “CO2 hunters” are gravitated towards CO2 and the measurement of this is very precise. Though it seems like a solution for global warming, global warming cannot be stopped as it has become an irrepressible issue.Satelite whihc NASA launched


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