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This is a submision to BBC, but it is not related to my blog theme.

When I was seven years old, I spent almost all the time in bunker, a dark cemented concrete hall where people hide themselves in order to save them from shells and bombs, instead of playing in parks and making sand castles in sea shores, which was the darkest period in my life. All my mornings bloomed with the terrible sounds of Bombers and Super Sonics, more than this; there would be multi barrel shells were shelled towards our place and killed thousands and thousands of innocent people.

Six months went off without schools, even in home no one would be interested in studying or teaching the basic things which I was supposed to learn in that period. Since getting up in the early morning with the frightened mind until the next day bloomed, there was no Sun in my world. My sister and I always sat near the entrance of the bunker, be ready, to go inside in it when the war planes came with the terrible noise. At night there were many people who were my relations and neighbors stayed inside the bunker in my home as they did not have a shelter and our bunker was big enough to content many people. Without electricity, with a kerosene lamp, each of us had to struggle, especially the kids cried the whole night, and as a result everyone had to be awake the whole day.

The society had a ahrd time to survive and to run the family cycle. No one could do their jobs and economy was a huge crisis. Moreover, to buy basic needs people had to be in a long queue in co- operative shops. While they were standing in there, war jets would come and throw shells on the public which was a terrible scene ever. Because Jaffna is a peninsula and the A-9, main road which is the liaison between Jaffna and the Sounth part, was closed, basic needs like food and medical things did not come there. Thus, the people who were injured by shells could not go to hopitals and had to die terribly.

This is just how I experienced the civil war as a little girl and the way how public was affected when I was in that age. However, still there are numerous sorrow stories which do not have an ending part until Sri Lanka reaches PEACE. Moreover, the cnoflict is still going on, which seems like the end will not be soon. Let’s hold our hands together, try to alleviate geno cide in Sri Lanka and keep the country “the Pearl of the Indian Ocean” peacefully.


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